Myth 3: You Don’t Need to Wear a Mask Because the Coronavirus Is a Fake Disease That Doesn’t Exist

Covid 19

If your social media feed tells you that the COVID doesn’t exist, then you might need to follow new accounts. The 1 million deaths worldwide and overwhelmed healthcare facilities were not caused by a “fake” virus that doesn’t exist. This myth is dangerous and ill-informed and may lead to even more deaths. When it comes to the coronavirus, respect the science, and make informed decisions — your life and the life of others depends on it.

Myth 4: You Can Cover Your Face with Anything and It Can Work as a Mask

Face Mask 1

A face mask only works to keep out virus particles, so a mesh fabric or a thin scarf won’t do the trick. These fabrics may feel more breathable, but they don’t keep out the virus. Open weaves don’t trap enough droplets or virus particles. Instead, use thicker fabrics or multiple layers of cotton to keep out viruses and droplets. 

Myth 5: You Don’t Need to Wear a Mask Unless You’re Sick

Homeade Face Mask

Masks work to protect you from other people and to protect other people from you. The CDC cites numerous studies that demonstrate how people who have no symptoms can still have COVID-19, and these people can spread the virus without even being aware that they are sick. It’s best to wear a mask whenever you’re around others who aren’t part of your household, especially in situations where crowds may occur or you may want to speak to others. 

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