Pooping is not something most people discuss openly. But “going number two” can be a real issue for a lot of us. A wide range of poop frequencies are considered normal. Not pooping at all or only once a week is abnormal and can cause problems. There are many factors that influence pooping frequencies.

6. How Travel Affects Your Regularity


For most of us, any travel time can upset our regular daily habits. The time may be different, the foods might be different, and the stress level could be higher. Sophie Balzora, MD, at NYU Medical Center says,” When traveling, our bowels experience stage fright and jet lag. Changes in our everyday schedule…can contribute to changes in our bowel habits”.

5. Your Diet

Poor Diet

Diet actually has a lot to do with your stool frequency. The amounts of fiber and fluid are the most important. Less of both can equal less poop; more fiber and fluids mean you will have easier and more frequent visits to the “throne”.


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