4. Are There Additional Side Effects from the 2020-21 Vaccinations?

Spray Flu Vaccine

Possible reactions to the 2020-21 flu vaccinations are determined based on previous uses in previous years, as well as the type of vaccine used. The flu vaccine can be given in the form of a shot or the form of a nasal mist called FluMist. 

A study published in Vaccine in 2011 noted that the H1C1 vaccine caused generalized aches and pains and/or low back pain in around 23% of the healthcare workers who took it. H1C1 is also used in 2020-21 vaccines. 

3. Who Can Use FluMist?


The nasal mist form of the flu vaccine (brand name FluMist) is an option for some people who don’t do well with shots. The CDC says FluMist is not recommended for young children, children with asthma, people 50 and over, pregnant women, people with a history of allergic reactions, and people with weak or compromised immune systems. For a full list of reasons you should avoid FluMist over a flu shot, check with the CDC. 

2. What Are FluMist’s Side Effects? 


FluMist’s side effects include:

  • Nasal congestion
  • Sore throat
  • Wheezing
  • Coughing
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Muscle soreness
  • Loss of appetite

These symptoms are usually mild and only last for a day or two. If your symptoms last longer or seem severe, contact your doctor for their advice. Pick up this advanced muscle and joint supplement for aches and pains with the flu.

1. What If You Get the Flu Shot But Still Get the Flu? 


Though you’re not contracting the flu from the flu vaccine, it is still possible to catch the flu after you’ve received a flu shot. Why? Because you probably caught a flu virus that the vaccine wasn’t formulated to protect against. Flu vaccines help stop widespread flu infections, but they aren’t foolproof. An unexpected flu strain could develop that current vaccines weren’t made to destroy. 

It’s also possible you caught a different kind of virus, like COVID-19, that produces flu-like symptoms but isn’t the flu at all. To be sure, see your doctor for testing and treatment. Open Doors, Press Buttons & Pull Levers Without Actually Touching Them with This Ergonomic, Antimicrobial Hand Tool.

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