Foods You Should Eat And Avoid To Lower Your Blood Pressure

It is important to monitor your blood pressure regularly to ensure good health.  Because what you consume can be directly tied to your blood pressure, it is recommended to make some dietary changes in order to keep yourself healthy in your later years.  In addition to exercising, this may include cutting out some of your favorite treats, though your body will thank you later. Listed below are foods that you should eat and those you should avoid in order to lower your blood pressure.

60. Avoid: Alcohol

Avoid Alcohol

Fun fact, alcohol tightens your blood vessels, which leads to high blood pressure. The sugar in alcohol can also lead to weight gain. It’s a lose-lose.

59. Eat: Sweet Potatoes

Eat Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes have many health benefits. One of which is its large supply of potassium, known to help reduce high blood pressure.’


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