4. Avoid: Fried Food

Avoid Fried Food

This one isn’t too surprising. We all know that fried foods aren’t the healthiest due to the high levels of sodium and saturated fats. Try to cut out fried foods if possible. It may be hard, but you’ll benefit in the future.

3. Eat: Avocado

Eat Avocado

Avocados have high levels of potassium and antioxidants, making them great for your diet. They’re also delicious!

2. Avoid: French Fries

Avoid French Fries

Another fried food. French fries are fried in fats and oils, which they absorb throughout the process. Delicious, but deadly for your blood pressure.

1. Eat: Almonds

Eat Almonds

Almonds are another type of nut that reduces blood pressure. It also helps improve your memory!


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