10. Discuss Your Meds with Your Physician

Meds With Your Physician

When prepping for a colonoscopy, go through your current list of medications with your doctor. You may need to alter the dosing schedule of some drugs right before a colonoscopy. Alert your physician to any blood thinners, diabetes medications, and anti-inflammatory agents you are taking. Furthermore, supplements that contain iron can interfere with your colonoscopy by turning your stool black and tarry. Your doctor will advise you if the timing of any of these medications should be changed in anticipation of your procedure.

9. Preparing Your Bowels

Preparing Your Bowels

Your doctor may ask you to change your diet for one to three days before your procedure. Consuming a diet of clear liquids and easily digestible foods will help prepare your gastrointestinal tract for cleansing. Clear liquids include beverages like clear broth, lemon gelatin, plain coffee or tea, and apple juice. Avoid liquids or foods containing red or purple dyes, which can throw off test results. Your doctor will let you know when to begin any dietary changes, and when to switch to a diet of clear liquids only.

8. Emptying Your Bowels

Emptying Your Bowels

In order for your doctor to clearly visualize your intestinal walls, you will need to empty your bowels completely. Your physician will provide you with instructions for the bowel prep kit you will use. These kits consist of laxative products that stimulate your colon, causing diarrhea. There are various laxatives used to clear your colon. They may include laxative pills, laxative solutions, enemas, or suppositories. Follow the directions provided by your physician as to when to take your laxatives. Once you do, be sure to remain close to the bathroom as your bowels go through the emptying process.

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