Apple Cider is great for weight loss – not a good idea!

weight loss

It is the irritant symptoms of apple cider which suppress your appetite and turn you off food. When this happens regularly enough, you will notice the loss of appetite and subsequent weight loss. But why use a weight-loss aid at the risk of damaging your body?

You can choose safer and healthier methods to curb cravings, such as protein-rich breakfasts, light salads, or even fresh fruit or juice. These are all safer and more nutritious alternatives to aid your weight loss goals. Apple cider does have its benefits, but safe weight loss is not one of them!

Apple Cider can be used to whiten teeth – by eroding them!

stain your teeth

Today, a large number of people turn to stimulants such as caffeine and nicotine to beat daily stress. But of course, these stain your teeth, and it is no wonder that people are continually looking for “natural” ways to un-stain it. Here’s where it comes as a shocker that apple cider has become dubiously famous as a natural teeth whitener.

People generously smear it on their teeth to remove the stains. But one must not lose sight of the fact that the acid content damages your teeth – including those dentures! Enough said, talk to your dentist about a safer teeth whitener.

Apple cider reduces the absorption of sugar – mostly from carbs!

absorption of sugar

You might have heard of apple cider being used to lower diabetes. What you should know is that the “experts” who came up with this questionable claim, specifically used carbohydrate-rich diets on their subjects. Apple cider surely reduces the amount of sugar absorbed from your starchy meal.

But if your meal also includes protein, then the effects are almost nullified. As seems to be the trend with all things cider, it’s not all good. Therefore, it is advisable to check with your doctor if you intend using apple cider to control your diabetes.

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