Apple cider is a “risky” flea cleaner

flea cleaner

Pet lovers tend to rush towards their favorite apple cider to treat fleas and ticks. And they do it by generously spraying it all over their dog. While this may be okay a time or two – provided you give the pet a good wash a day later – it is not recommended for regular use. Consider this: you are actually spraying acid (albeit diluted acid) on your pet. Need we say more?

Apple cider can destroy those yucky parasites

yucky parasites

With the amount of chemical fertilizers used on our food, especially on natural produce, nobody is surprised anymore to know that they carry (potentially harmful) parasites in their stomach. But here comes the magic word: probiotic.

Yes, apple cider does have good bacteria, which protects us from food poisoning. When used in moderation, its probiotic properties can be a big blessing to our body. It is mainly used to enhance the health of the gut, where most parasites are found. But make sure to use the organic, raw stuff rather than the pasteurized version.

Apple Cider is best “eaten,” not drunk

apple eaten

Surprised? Experts have found an inventive use for the cider – definitely not as a regular drink, as the acid content then overrides the benefits – but as a salad dressing. With this, the veggies help in digestion of the cider, and you also stay away from other sugar-rich salad dressings. By eating, you can better control the amount of apple cider you consume. So feel free to do a glorious 2-tablespoon drizzle over your Greek salad.

It is much more healthy than eating pizza for dinner. Certainly, plain cheese pizza which is not a dinner at all!

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Apple cider can solve “itching problems”

itching problems

Apple cider is an effective antiseptic, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial agent, which can help with itching problems. Mosquito bites? No problem, just soak the affected area in diluted cider (one cup cider to one tub water). Dandruff concerns? Again, cider can be used to treat this annoying problem, as it works well as a conditioner for your hair.

It can also be used as a mild (aka diluted) toner, especially to break out the odd pimple or two. (Do not use it as a daily toner!) However, what you absolutely must not do is put it on sensitive areas of your body (like open wounds, warts, or genital areas). In this case, it is better to visit your doctor, rather than self-administer with apple cider.

Apple cider keeps your house clean and hygienic

clean kitchenv

It may not help keep your teeth clean, or your pets flea-clear, but it can surely keep your cherished house clean. Here is where the acid is indeed all good in combating parasites far removed from your body. Feel free to go all out using Apple Cider as an all-purpose cleaner – to keep those kitchen counters spotless, your floors shining, and your bathrooms parasite-free and sparkling. Some enthusiastic gardeners even use it to destroy pests preying on their precious plants!

Ben from Seven Pounds may know that trick – he seemed to know about gardens!

Apple cider can even clean your vegetables

apple cider vinegar

Remember those probiotic properties? They are the reason cider works as a good vegetable wash, and can even nullify the harmful effects of fertilizers on your fresh produce. Pour a few drops of apple cider on your veggies before you thoroughly rinse them out for use. You can even leave them out to dry for 30 minutes before cooking.

So is apple cider good for you at all? Yes, of course it is! Don’t let the downsides of this unique beverage keep you completely away from its benefits. Many doctors recommend drinking apple cider in moderation – with no more than two tablespoons a day. Dilute it appropriately and use it as needed. If you have any medical conditions related to the throat, stomach, or esophagus, then it is better to check with your doctor before you choose a natural treatment with apple cider.

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