6. Packaged Bread

White Bread

Many people are used to making sandwiches with white bread, as they are quick and easy to eat. A more nutritious choice would be a sandwich on whole wheat bread with an egg, real turkey or tuna, and no high sodium deli meat, with lettuce and a slice of tomato for extra nutrition. This might take some planning, but try eating this way at least three or four days per week.

5. Colorful Cereals

Cereal Nutritive

Fruit Loops have very little real fruit, but sure have enough sugars and additives to be considered ultra-processed. No real food here!

If you are used to eating these cereals, you will find that making a change will help you lose weight faster. Try oatmeal or muesli that has no processed sugars and very few additives. You will find that after trying it a few times, it becomes tastier. Add some fresh fruit or nuts on top to make it taste even better.

4. Prepackaged Burgers and Chicken Nuggets

Frozen Chicken Nuggets

Whether frozen or picked up at a fast food drive-thru, these so-called sandwiches are just greasy, substandard protein and an easy way to drive and eat at the same time. If you want to get healthier and decrease your risk of diseases, it might be better to order a bowl of chili.

An even better option is to prepare your lunch the evening before. Try a blend of canned beans, rice or quinoa, and a protein; this can be served cold or heated in a microwave. Or try healthy peanut butter or almond butter with no additives or sugars. Again, just try this for three or four days per week.

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