3. Instant Soup Packages for Work and School

Avoid Canned Soup

Many of these instant microwaved soups are filled with noodles, additives for flavors, sugar, MSG, salt, and very few veggies. It would be better to find a soup or a frozen dish that has better quality ingredients and fewer additives. Or something like a healthy jerky with no additives, which also gives you a good protein boost.

2. Sweetened and Flavored Yogurts


Yogurt is normally good for you, but many of these are high in calories and processed sugars. Here you need to look at the ingredients and eat those with no sugar added and fruit only; this decreases the calories. Yogurt is a good protein and a beneficial food for your gut.

1. Desserts, Cakes, and Cookies


Yes, they are so good, but not for every day. They taste good because the high fat and sugar creates a flavor that our body just loves.

Cut back to maybe once or twice a week, or only for a special occasion. Recently, there have been many keto-friendly desserts advertised as healthy, and generally these are made with better fats and few sugars or carbs.

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