4. Weight Gain

weight gain

When we sleep, our metabolism slows down; this is partially to give our bodies a rest, but also to prevent us from burning through nutrients too quickly from being “active”. When we oversleep, however, our metabolism stays at this decreased level for a more significant period of time, which means more and more energy is stored, rather than put to good use. This leads to weight gain. Weight gain can greatly impact your quality of life and is associated with a number of health complications, including some of the issues on this list, such as diabetes, depression, and back pain.

3. Cardiovascular Function

cardiovascular system

The heart is among the hardest working and most critical organs in your body. At night, when you sleep, it rests, which is why resting heart rates and sleeping heart rates are much lower than active ones. However, too much rest can weaken the heart; it is a muscle, after all. Research from the Nurses’ Health Study concluded that out of around 72000 subjects, those who slept more than the recommended eight hours daily were more likely to have coronary heart disease. Furthermore, heart disease is another factor that may be compounded by weight gain, along with oversleeping.

2. Circadian Rhythm Imbalance

Circadian Rhythm

As mentioned earlier, there are a number of hormones regulated by neurotransmitters in the body; in the appropriate proportions, these lead to bodily health and balance. However, oversleeping or insomnia can throw this balance off. Serotonin, which is produced during the day, can dwindle if one oversleeps into daylight hours. Likewise, bright lights at night can completely interrupt the production of melatonin. An imbalance here can not only leave you with daytime sleepiness and insomnia at night; it can also cause irritability, and limit your body’s ability to perform essential repair and maintenance functions that only occur in deep sleep.

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