Belly Fat

Are you tired of your belly fat? Let’s break it down to the leading causes so that you can have a better idea of what to avoid and get rid of that bulge. Fat in the body is generally produced due to overeating. This habitual overeating results in the body storing the extra food as fat all over the body, and the remaining food is then shipped out of the body. The most open storage area for the body to store this fat is our abdomen, and this is the fat we refer to as belly fat. It has many health risks, ranging from fatigue to heart diseases.

When we talk about belly fat, we are generally referring to the fat around the abdomen. This fat covers your stomach and surrounding digestive organs. If you have easily visible abs, it means that you have the minimum amount of belly fat that is healthy for a person. Many things can cause this belly fat to appear, ranging from overeating to lack of exercise, and that’s a reason why generally older people have more belly fat than younger people.

Body fat, or fat in general, isn’t good for the body. As Dr. Paul Poirier from the Institute of Cardiology at Laval University in Quebec, Canada put it, “Belly fat is bad fat.” Here are the most common causes of belly fat and what you need to stop consuming to lose it.

7. Overeating


Overeating is the most common cause of belly fat. That bulge is primarily a result of foods that are rich in sugar (carbohydrates) or salt (sodium). Consumption of carbohydrate-rich food such as sodas, candies, and sweet items is generally the main reason for this body fat, as these foods are rich with energy that the body doesn’t need at the moment, so it stores it for a desperate time, say like when you feel hungry. The body uses this stored fat after some time of your hunger to produce some energy.

6. Sodas

Drinking Soda

Food items such as soda drinks that are rich in sugar also contribute to this nasty belly fat. An average can of soda contains up to 150 calories on top of carbon dioxide, which provides the carbonation in the drink. These calories and carbon dioxide make your body a bit bloated and contribute to increasing the amount of fat. Even regular juices aren’t any good, as all juices contain at least two or more fruits in them, and fruits are the plants’ storage area for extra sugar, used mostly to attract animals to eat it and spread its seeds. The store-bought manufactured juices are even worse, as they contain mostly sugar in the form of corn syrup and have no essential vitamins or minerals. To replace a soda, you should just go for some regular old water.


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