1. How Long Will We Wear Masks?

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There isn’t an exact answer on how long we’ll still have to wear masks, and there are many speculations about this. 

Robert Hecht expects that, taking into consideration the COVID vaccine and that the warm weather could help decrease the case counts, we might still need to wear face masks for the next six months. 

On the other hand, Dr. Kollen Kraft, associate chief medical officer at Emory University, told TODAY that it’ll all depend on the way we behave against the coronavirus pandemic.

“I think we are not going to be wearing masks any less anytime soon if people are going to continue to behave the way they’re currently behaving. I would say we have at least another year at the rate we’re going…But that has to do with the effort that we’re sort of seeing in the public. The more people that are just refusing to wear masks and making this an issue of personal freedom, I think the longer we’re going to be wearing masks. The longer we can’t get it done, the longer that the pandemic rages on”.

Many experts agree that face masks will become part of the cultural norm, similar to what we used to see in places like Tokyo, where people would use face masks when they were sick to stop avoid spreading it to others. 

There’s a silver lining of wearing face masks, though. As Kraft says, people will be wearing more masks when they feel ill, and that can be a good thing overall.

“That would be something, as an infectious disease physician, that I would be very exited about. We are learning, for better or for worse, about things such as how to protect ourselves, how to not come to work if we’re sick, how to wear protective equipment when others are sick or when we’re sick ourselves. The masks are really about source control and about protecting ourselves, so I definitely think we will see more masking wearing when people don’t feel well… And that would be a good thing,” said Kraft.


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