2. What Happens If You Develop Symptoms at a Holiday Gathering?


The Vanderbilt University Medical Center study on COVID spread in households confirmed what other medical authorities have been saying about the importance of self-isolation. Whether in your own household or at a holiday gathering far from home, if you develop symptoms of COVID-19 you should self-isolate immediately. Follow local guidelines in that area for how to get tested, get treatment if needed, and how to further protect your loved ones from contacting the virus from you. All people at or from the gathering should take extra precautions and quarantine according to local and CDC guidelines as well. 

1. Stay Vigilant for a Healthy Holiday Season

Turkey Dinner

Through the colder fall and winter months, COVID-19 cases could keep increasing at an alarming speed. Unfortunately, this does make holiday gatherings a significant health risk if you celebrate in close proximity with people from different households. The CDC strongly encourages people to stay vigilant with social distancing, mask wearing, hand washing and following local and nationwide mandates. Act responsibly now so you and your loved ones stay strong and healthy for the time when holiday gatherings don’t risk COVID spread. That’s a holiday gift everyone can give each other with some extra effort and care this year.

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