There are some things in life that we’re sure we’re doing right until someone points out that we’re doing it all wrong. For instance, despite what your mother told you as a kid, you shouldn’t brush your hair 100 times before going to bed. Using so many strokes to brush your hair can remove its luster and cause damage. Who knew?

One thing, however, that we know for sure we’re doing correctly is using the bathroom. After all, we use the toilet every day, and it’s not rocket science, so we couldn’t possibly be doing it wrong. Right? Well, there are some toilet habits that you may not be doing right. Let’s see if you’re using the toilet the correct way! 

Correct Toilet Habit #1: You flush the toilet with the lid down. 

Toilet Seat

Have you ever stood on the beach as a wave splashed onto the shore and felt a light spray of water on your face? The same thing happens when you flush the toilet. As the water gets pushed against the toilet and down the pipes, small droplets of toilet water (and whatever gift you left in the toilet) go flying into the air. These water droplets can be anywhere within a six-foot diameter of the toilet. 

Most of us don’t live in palaces, so our bathrooms tend to be tight spaces. Take a quick look around your toilet the next time you use the bathroom. Is your toothbrush within that six-foot range? Do you leave your toilet seat up? If the answer is yes to both these questions, then — yuck! If the answer to both is “no,” then congratulations. You’re using the toilet correctly. 

Correct Toilet Habit #2: You never flush wet wipes into the toilet. 

Antibacterial Wipes

Hopefully, you’re not flushing those “septic and sewer safe” wet wipes down the toilet. If you are, we can’t blame you because they’re marketed as safe to be flushed. These wipes aren’t all that flushable, however, and they don’t break down very quickly either. 

According to Consumer Reports, these flushable wet wipes don’t disintegrate within 10 minutes as toilet paper does. They remain intact for so long that major cities like San Francisco and Miami have complained of clogged sewers due to these products. Other items not to flush? Sanitary napkins, condoms, swabs, and tampons. If the only thing you flush down the toilet is toilet paper and whatever comes out of your body, then you’re using the toilet appropriately. 


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