Correct Toilet Habit #6: You limit your time on the throne. 

Sit On Toilet

For most people, their time on the toilet is their quiet time. A time for introspection, pondering the meaning of life and searching through their social media. If this is the case for you, you may want to formulate your witty Twitter responses somewhere other than the toilet. Sitting perched on your throne can place undue stress on your rectum, resulting in uncomfortable hemorrhoids.  

Correct Toilet Habit #7: You inspect your poop.


You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes or place your poop under a microscope. Every so often, you may want to glance at what you dropped into the toilet. Your poop says a lot about your health and can give you clues to any medical problems. For example, dry and lumpy poop may indicate dehydration or the need for fiber. Watery poop can indicate an infection or food intolerance. Black spots on poop may mean an injury or bleeding in the digestive tract. As disgusting as it sounds, you may want to take a look at what you left in the toilet and report any significant changes to your doctor. 

Correct Toilet Habit #8: You push gently. 


There’s nothing more satisfying than having a good poop. That said, if you feel resistance when you strain, take it easy. Try not to push too hard, because too much force can cause anal fissures, bowel tears, and hemorrhoids. Instead, push little by little or try squatting. Both can ease the strain from a massive bowel movement or constipation. If you’re often constipated, you can drink more liquids and increase your fiber intake to make Number Two a more pleasant experience. 

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