Correct Toilet Habit #9: You notice what your pee smells like. 


Because the kidneys filter out toxins from your body, think of urine as another indicator of how healthy your body is. Very yellow pee can mean you’re dehydrated. Dark, foul-smelling, and cloudy pee with bits in it can indicate an infection, diabetes, or kidney damage. And if your pee smells like asparagus, well–you may have eaten asparagus. 

Correct Toilet Habit #10: You don’t lean against the back of the toilet. 


If you have good toileting habits, then you probably close the lid of the toilet when you flush. Hopefully, other people in your household do, also. Unless you clean the bottom of the toilet lid after each flush, then all those particles remain stuck to the toilet seat. If you lean your back against the lid, then go and lie on your bed or the couch, all those particles transfer onto your furniture. Better to be safe and don’t lean back against the toilet lid.

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