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Since December 2019, when COVID-19 was first announced in Wuhan, China, the list of symptoms accompanying the virus has been fluid and ever-changing. Some warning signs have been added and some subtracted from the coronavirus symptom list, such as a sore throat.

The discrepancies probably have to do with the mutation of the virus and the knowledge that is continually being gained as research emerges. Most people have heard about the dry cough, malaise, high fever, and difficulty breathing, but a sore throat has also emerged as a leading indicator of the virus.

7. Sore Throat as a Symptom of the Coronavirus

Sore Throat 4

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), up to 13.9% of people report having a sore throat as one of the first symptoms of the virus. The pain appears to be like that of having a very dry throat.

Upon examination of the throat, redness has been noted but without the signs of a blatant bacterial infection as you would see in strep throat, according to physicians at the COVID-19 National Convalescence Plasma Project.

6. If Your Throat Is Sore, Do You Have COVID-19?

Sore Throat 2

If you have a sore throat, do not panic. Remember that there are many things that cause throat discomfort, such as inflammation within the lining of the throat, upper respiratory infections, allergies, throat cancer, and acid reflux.

One thing that is known is that a sore throat often precedes other symptoms of COVID-19. The pain of a sore throat brought on by a common upper respiratory infection and by the coronavirus is terribly similar.



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