Is frequent urination interrupting your sleep? Do you wake up several times at night with an urgent need to urinate? If you answered yes to these questions, then you are probably worrying that there might be something seriously wrong with you. Yes, frequent excessive urination might be a sign of a health problem.

If you wake up several times a night to urinate, then you are suffering from a condition referred to as nocturia. Many things can cause nocturia, such as the excessive consumption of alcohol or caffeine, certain medications, diabetes, or a urinary tract infection. Nocturia afflicts both men and women. Women often start suffering from the need to urinate frequently as early as age 30 and men may first experience the nightly urges in their 50s.

10. Elevated Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure

Studies have shown elevated blood pressure (hypertension) causes excessive fluid accumulation in the body. At night, you’ll feel a greater need to urinate often. Controlling your blood pressure will help ease the nocturia so you can again get a restful night’s sleep. Often, elevated blood pressure is controllable through healthy dietary choices, weight control, regular exercise, lower salt intake, little or no alcohol consumption, and no smoking/nicotine use. If living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t help to ease the problem, then you might need to discuss the possible need for prescription blood pressure medication to lower your blood pressure and stop the frequent urination.

9. High Salt Intake

Avoid Salt

Salt adds much-needed zest to food. However, many people consume too much of the spice, which leads to excessive water retention. When you go to sleep at night, your body works to metabolize the fluid and salt, which causes you to wake up and have to relieve yourself several times at night. Avoiding salt helps cut down on the need to urinate. In addition, excessive salt causes the sensation of a sudden urge to urinate, which comes on quickly and may be uncomfortable. You’ll often be sent scrambling out of bed to the bathroom where you will only urinate a few drops.



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