Picking Nose

Picking your nose is a socially unacceptable practice that most people find disgusting. It is common misbehavior in children and often results in a firm slap of the child’s hand by the parent in an effort to break the habit.

Most adults naturally refrain from the process but on occasion might find themselves picking their noses. Besides being nasty, picking your nose may actually be harmful and even dangerous.

7. Why Do People Pick Their Nose?

Nose Picking

Your nose manufactures mucus that dries inside the nostrils of your nose. The dried “boogers” itch and feel unpleasant. Instead of grabbing a tissue and trying to blow out the mucus plug, many use their fingernail to remove the offensive crusty particle.

Boogers are made up of mucus, hairs, dirt, germs, pollen, and dust. They are not very pleasant from a health and cleanliness standpoint.

Within each nostril are hairs that also work to trap dirt particles, bacteria, and viruses. However, the hairs act as roadblocks to the mucus. As the mucus dries, it becomes trapped in the hair, and sometimes blowing out the offensive booger is impossible, so people pick with a fingernail.

6. Abrasions From Picking Your Nose

Nose Picker

Using your hard fingernail to pick boogers can lead to small abrasions in the nostril, and your nose might even bleed. Although the abrasions are not dangerous, they can become infected on rare occasions.

Chronic nose picking can often lead to severe tearing of the delicate tissue. Many people even tear their septum in extreme cases, which is the thin tissue that divides each nostril. Picking your nose can also lead to chronic nose bleeds and soreness.


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