8. Stay at Home

Stay Home

Keeping yourself away from others, called self-isolation, helps to keep COVID-19 from spreading. Even if you haven’t received a test, you should only leave your home to get medical assistance. Otherwise, until you can confirm that you are not infected, you should isolate yourself. 

7. Monitor Your Symptoms of COVID-19


Be aware of how your symptoms are progressing, and if you develop new symptoms. Get medical care if severe symptoms develop or you feel you are in an emergency. 

6. Get Rest and Maintain Your Hydration


Your body is fighting a battle. You need to rest and let it do its job. Resting allows your body to reserve its energy to fight COVID-19. Staying hydrated allows your body to filter out the virus and replenish the fluids it loses through coughing, congestion, fever, and gastrointestinal symptoms. 


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