COVID-19 has become an unseen global enemy. In the USA, the death numbers continue to mount. As of the first week in June, the nation has sustained over 100,000 deaths. Sadly, the pandemic does not appear to be slowing down, so people are scrambling to find ways to stay healthy. One of the ways you can avoid contracting coronavirus is by thinking about the items you carry that might attract COVID-19 and pose a danger to your health.

7. Sunglasses

Skipping Sunglasses

Most people do not leave home without their sunglasses. You need the dark spectacles to see in bright sunlight without squinting. Sadly, sunglasses often pick up germs from a multitude of surfaces. You probably toss your sunglasses down on top of counters and tables. You also place them in your shirt collar without thinking about where your hands have been before you touch the shades. Sunglasses also do not shield your eyes from coronavirus-laden droplets that are spread when someone sneezes or coughs. In fact, the shades can become covered with the droplets and you could get them all over your hands when you touch the sunglasses.

6. Cell Phone

The Journal of Hospital Infection published a study that looked at how long COVID-19 lives on surfaces such as plastic, metal, or glass. They found that the coronavirus can live on surfaces for two to 10 days. Your cell phone is a commonly used device that is extremely dangerous. You often set your cell phone down on a table or counter while you pay a bill or perform some other function. The surface of the cell phone can quickly become contaminated, and then you hold it to your face to make or receive a call. Sanitize your phone by using a disinfectant wipe to clean it.


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