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It’s the day we’ve all been waiting a year for. You’ve finally completed getting your recommended shots of one of the approved coronavirus vaccines — Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech, and most recently, Johnson & Johnson. You’ve made it through the side effects, which weren’t as severe as you were expecting. So, now the world is your oyster, right? You can go back to the life you had in the “before-times.” Or can you?

It’s a momentous place to be, but there are still some things for you to consider. Since there’s no immunity passport developed at this point, finding out what you should and should not do might require investigation. 

Taking the right safety precautions can keep you and the people around you free from COVID-19. The following are recommendations from the nation’s top scientists about what’s possible for you after receiving your vaccines. 

11. Wearing a Mask

Face Mask

Nobody enjoys wearing a mask, but it’s like the many things we do each day to keep ourselves and each other safe. Just like stopping at stop signs, going to the dentist, and wearing a seatbelt, there’s a myriad of tasks we do that are annoying, but ultimately necessary. So, the truth is, you’ll still have to wear a mask even though you’ve had a vaccine. The following are some reasons why masks remain necessary.

10. People Have a Mix of Factors Unique to Themselves 

covid vaccine second dose

Every person is different, which includes people from the same family. A person’s genetic makeup, immune response, health status, and environmental influences are not the same as the next person, making it difficult to predict how well a vaccine will work. 

For example, the first dose of the vaccine creates an immune response in most people. Still, some are non-responders, so the second dose is crucial because it fosters an immune response even in people who were initially not responsive. Because you don’t know how effective the vaccine will be for you or how you’ll respond to a coronavirus exposure, it’s safest to wear a mask. 


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