Multivitamins or multiple vitamin supplements are widely considered to be an easy way to complete your body’s daily nutritional requirements. However, these supplements are useful only if you are vitamin deficient, usually from your diet not providing you with the recommended quantities of vital nutrients.

If you are taking these supplements without undergoing proper tests to determine your daily requirements or without consulting your doctor, then you may be causing more harm to your health than good. Overuse of multivitamin supplements will result in wasting your money, but far more importantly, it may also have a negative impact on your general health and well-being. Here are some broad guidelines, which will help ensure that you remain in top health condition with appropriate use of vitamins and supplements:

11. Avoid Self-Medication


If you simply take a multivitamin or another supplement without undergoing medical tests, it is quite likely that your usage is not optimized. Similarly, if you have not consulted your physician, the chances of things going wrong will also increase.

To ensure that you are consuming proper levels of all essential nutrients, including multivitamins, it is a prudent idea to go through proper blood work and medical tests. Once you have the test results, discuss those findings with your doctor to figure out your exact requirements for different vitamins and supplements.

10. Do Not Pop Multivitamins Freely

Pop Multivitamins

You should take multivitamins only if they are recommended by your physician. If they are not essential for you, just focus on a balanced diet, regular exercise and overall well being to ensure that you have a healthy level of various nutrients in your body. The nutrients acquired through proper diet are assimilated by the body in a much better way that the nutrients ingested through pills and capsules. Multivitamins may also not be tailor-made to meet your specific requirements.


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