10. Increased Risk of Heart Disease


Your ears may offer clues as to your heart health and risk of heart disease. Studies suggest that a deep crease across your ear lobe may be a sign that you are susceptible to coronary artery disease. This crease, known as Frank’s sign, is caused by a breakdown of the connective tissues in the ear and may be a sign that connective tissues are breaking down elsewhere in your body. While this sign does not definitively point to heart disease, it may be a signal to visit your doctor. Furthermore, implementing healthy lifestyle changes can decrease your risk of heart problems.

9. Kidney Disorders

Kidney Disease

Misshapen ears may signal kidney disorders. Studies suggest that certain unusual ear shapes may signal that the kidneys have structural abnormalities as well. Babies born with skin tags on their ears or cup-shaped ears may also have deformities of the kidneys. Cupped ears are those in which the top edge of the ear is folded over. An ultrasound of the kidneys can help to diagnose kidney problems in these infants.

8. Eczema


If ear itching is accompanied by white, flaky residue coming from the ear canal, you may be suffering from eczema. Severe itching can lead to scratching, which damages the skin and allows an infection to take hold. If you experience aggravating, unrelieved itching of the ears that doesn’t go away after a day or so, contact your doctor to determine the cause and get relief.

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