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If you or someone you know has diabetes, then you probably understand just how important it is to keep one’s blood sugar at appropriate levels. While diabetes is the most common ailment that stems from high blood pressure, there are other medical complications that can result from it as well. These include blindness, stroke, and even heart attack. The food we eat can have a massive effect on our blood sugar; some foods raise it, while others lower it. If you’re concerned about high blood sugar, please talk to your doctor and consider stepping up your intake of these foods.

13. Olive Oil

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Olive oil is among the most healthy oils and therefore is a solid option for use in cooking or as a dressing for sandwiches, salads and other foods eaten cold. Similar to the avocado, olive oil contains significant levels of monounsaturated fat. Because of this, olive oil is thought to be helpful for diabetes patients as a means to prevent hardening of the arteries. Diabetes and heart health are closely linked, so anything that supports heart health will likewise significantly benefit diabetics. Olive oil is also thought to help with insulin resistance, and may even reduce belly fat growth.

12. Cherries

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Cherries are a beneficial fruit for a number of reasons. For diabetics, they are thought to be potentially helpful due to their significant levels of anthocyanins. These chemicals give cherries their bright coloring. Anthocyanins help diabetics by boosting insulin levels in the body, which allows the organs to process more glucose and keep blood sugar levels low. In regard to serving portions, a half-cup daily is the maximum for sweet varieties of cherries, while a diabetic may consume up to a cup of tart cherries per day. Either way, it is important to monitor blood sugar levels when consuming them.


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