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Despite the fact that it is pretty important, smell is perhaps the most underrated of the five senses. Whether or not you put much stock in aromatherapy, there’s something to be said for pleasing or comforting smells. This becomes relevant when something is wrong. When you’re having a bad day, a familiar, pleasant scent can help you wash some of the stress away. Are you curious about what effect certain scents can have on the body and mind? Here are a few that can certainly change your outlook in the moment. Some of them, you might expect- others, less so.

6. Pine


Pine is a common scent you’re probably familiar with. As it comes from the tree used for Christmas, you probably associate it with the winter holidays. Such holidays are a festive and joyous time, and perhaps, for this reason, the scent of pine needles can help invigorate your spirit and cause you to shed some stress. However, there’s more than just conjecture to back it up: consider the Japanese custom forest bathing; it has been found to alleviate certain mental illnesses, such as depression and anxiety. Being out in nature can be a calming and refreshing experience for many reasons.

5. Citrus


Citrus is another common smell. You probably associate it with clean things, as the scent of lemon is often a component that is added to cleaners. However, the natural thing can certainly help. After all, citrus fruits, both when consumed, and even when simply smelled, can invigorate the mind and body. Energy levels can increase, as well as alertness. Studies back up these results. Similar to pine needles, the scent of lemons and other citrus can help you relieve stress, and carry yourself in a more positive and professional manner. Plus, vitamin C is good for you. Like, super good.


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