4. Sunscreen


You might be surprised to see sunscreen on this list. After all, unlike pine and citrus, it’s an unnatural product. Furthermore, its primary purpose has absolutely nothing to do with its scent, and it’s definitely not for eating. However, what sunscreen CAN do for you (aside from protecting you from the sun, of course) is remind you of all those brighter times in the sun. It’s a matter of association; sunscreen is associated with beach days, and oftentimes, memories are triggered by things we perceive with our senses- even smell. In turn, positive memories bring feelings of happiness and ease.

3. Rosemary


You’ve probably got some rosemary in your kitchen, where it serves a culinary purpose. Already, this clarifies some potential aromatic benefit. It certainly has some nutritional benefits. That being said, there’s some research that indicates that even the smell of rosemary is enough to strengthen the mind and cognitive functions. Specifically, it has been shown to improve the memory of various test subjects, and significantly so. This success in this regard was so great that rosemary may have a role in future treatments for various conditions that cause or contribute to memory loss. However, it’s not the only memory herb.



Lavender, either fresh as flowers, or applied topically as an essential oil, is also a helpful herb for memory. However, its pleasing scent does even more for cognitive function. The scent of lavender can help stressed individuals to relax and find peace. This is particularly helpful for those who tend to suffer from stress or anxiety. The scent of lavender can curb these impulses and allow them to rest. For the record, this relaxation is not just a mental phenomenon. Research indicates that lavender has a relaxing effect on the nervous system, and therefore the entire body benefits from it.

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1. Baby Powder

baby power

Baby powder is another unnatural item on the list; however, one might reasonably guess why it has a place here. On the one hand, it could be a matter of nostalgia: we were all babies once, and chances are, we were exposed to baby powder. The memories of that comfort may make the smell comforting even as adults. In fact, that is the entire point of baby powder. Designed with a pleasing and calming scent, it can help keep young children under control. Chances are, if you’re around baby powder, you’re around children, which could contribute to your happiness itself.

For whatever reason, there are a number of smells that make us feel better. Some of these scents are found primarily in nature, while others are designed, but all in all, each of them provides a benefit to our mood, and perhaps our overall health in other ways. Are there other scents that can inspire us, or relax us, or bring back nostalgia? Certainly so. If there are other scents for you that bring comfort, it can be interesting to dissect the reasoning behind such fondness, or it can be enough to simply enjoy the scents for what they are.



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