Whether or not you have COVID-19 might be hard to determine at first, partly because it often comes with similar symptoms as the flu. Some common symptoms of COVID do often show up in the early stages of virus infection. Knowing what signs to watch for can help you get medical support more quickly, and hopefully prevent the virus from spreading to others you come in contact with.

Read on to learn which symptoms could be felt first if you have caught the virus, plus other possible signs of COVID-19. 

8. How Long Until the First Symptoms Begin? 

Covid 19 Spread

It’s important to note that some people who contract COVID have no symptoms at all. People who are asymptomatic still pose a threat for virus spread. This is an important reason why the CDC recommends that everyone (infected or not) wear protective face masks when in public. 

You could also be in the pre-symptomatic stage of the virus, before signs of infection are detectable without a test. If you do develop COVID symptoms, they typically begin between days 2-14 of the incubation period. 

7. Fever Is Often the First Symptom of COVID, But Not for Everyone


Topping the CDC’s list of COVID symptoms are fever and chills, which a large percentage of infected people tend to experience early on. Checking first for fever has become a common practice since the pandemic began, especially with companies who need their employees to work together in the same buildings and rooms.

However, fever and chills aren’t always the first symptoms of COVID for every person. Keep reading to learn about other early symptoms of coronavirus to watch for with your loved ones and yourself.


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