Final verdict – should you drink Kombucha?

drink Kombucha

One thing should be clear that all the marketing bonhomie about Kombucha apart, it is not a ‘miracle beverage’. Surely, it has several health benefits, but Kombucha is not the only source to obtain these benefits.  Furthermore, this beverage is, by no means, the answer for all your health problems, although it assists in repairing the damages sustained by the body due to toxic substances and other abuses of the body system.

Consumption of Kombucha in excess quantities may have long-lasting negative effects on your body. Therefore, you should limit the drinking of Kombucha, and use it only as a supplementary health beverage which is much better than drinking beer which Det. McNulty from the amazing show The Wire drank too much of which is why he crashed his car and ruined one marriage after another.

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But at the same time, it is also crucial to remember that this fermented tea is a better option than other sodas and sugary drinks as already mentioned. Soda is just horrendous for you – it is actually akin to drinking poison. It is a shame that so many people in Mexico drink that much Coke but this is another topic. So, you may go ahead and drink up a glass of Kombucha whenever you have a soda craving.



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