Since the HIV virus was discovered in 1983, millions of people across the entire world have had their lives forever altered. Though the outlook was very dark for HIV patients in the beginning, things are starting to look better with every day of scientific research. Scientists have just recently discovered an antibody, named “N6”, that can eliminate up to 98% of HIV strains. Live clinical trials have not yet begun, but it is possible that this antibody will be a lifesaver for many in the near future. To get you caught up, we have compiled a list about 6 Things You Need to Know About the HIV Eliminating Antibody.

HIV is Very Difficult to Cure

HIV has been known for the last thirty years as being a disease that is impossible to cure. Even conducting treatment can be a difficult task to accomplish. HIV turns your immune system against you and uses your immune system to produce more and more of the HIV virus. HIV is also very resilient to various vaccines, making it hard for pharmaceutical producers to accurately narrow down an easy fix for the disease. Even if there is a potential cure available, it is highly likely that it will come back after a short period of time.

Antibodies Are Known as the Key of the Immune System

Antibodies are normally known as the key of the immune system because they can match to specific antigens, and “unlock” them to combat invading cells in the body. Antibodies find harmful pathogens and either alert white blood cells of the pathogen’s location, or attach to the virus and destroy it itself. The problem with most antibodies and the HIV virus is that the HIV virus reacts so quickly to change that the body cannot create enough variations of antibodies to stop the growth. This may be a result of antibodies not being flexible enough to stretch around the cells of the virus to successfully eradicate them. Whatever the case may be, it is clear that humans are not naturally equipped with the tools to fight HIV.

The Antibody Can Neutralize 98% of HIV Strains

This specific antibody, named “N6”, has been discovered as being able to neutralize up to 98% of the HIV virus after being able to identify the HIV virus even after the virus attempted to disguise itself. After being exposed to 181 strains of HIV, the N6 antibody was able to neutralize 98% of those strains, including many that were not previously neutralized by other types of antibodies. Even though it is not a fix-all cure, by eliminating strains from the body, the body has a better chance of coping with the virus and an easier time overall until a cure is found in the future.


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