Trouble Finishing Tasks


Save for the completionists out there, we all have some projects here and there that we start, but don’t get around to finishing. However, in the case of bipolar people, this could be quite the regular occurrence instead of the occasional lapse of free time, energy, or motivation. Specifically, the mania part of bipolar disorder can create a situation where it is incredibly difficult to focus on any one thing, as the mind is racing from subject to subject with effectively no control of what’s happening. Consider this if you’re regularly moving to new projects instead of finishing old ones.

Symptoms of Depression


Depression in and of itself is often overlooked and misdiagnosed as a mental illness; people write it off as simply being too tired, or lazy, saying, ‘it’s all in your head’, which is true in the literal sense but downplays the illness’ significance. Depression is somewhat apathetic in nature, knowing the truth of things (like the presence of loving and supporting family friends, the excitement of beloved hobbies etc) but being unable to tap into the inherent value of such things. As the ‘low’ end of the mood swing scale, symptoms of depression can appear in people with bipolar disorder.



We all lose patience with people and situations sometimes. This can stem from several causes, such as constant poking, prodding, and interruption, a lack of sleep, or going long periods without eating. Some people are naturally less patient than others. However, sometimes that irritability, specifically over the tiniest details, can be an indicator of mental illness. Some signs include stress or annoyance in situations where the person usually is calm and collected, particularly if recurrent. This agitation, particularly when combined with other symptoms, can make it exceedingly difficult to communicate effectively with other people.


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