Rapid Speech

Rapid Speech

Rapid speech is something one might easily associate with ADHD or anxiety. However, it is also something that may become prevalent in those with bipolar disorder. Specifically, it is a behavioral pattern consistent with the ‘high,’ or ‘manic’ end of the mood swing scale. Much like the situation with completing tasks, rapid speech often results in jumbled, disjointed rambling as the person’s train of thought jumps wildly from track to track. In this state, it can be difficult for said person to focus on any one topic for long, and even more challenging to return to a previously mentioned topic.

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At first glance, a positive, confident person may seem like a good thing. How could confidence be an indicator of bipolar disorder? As with many of these other signs and symptoms, the key detail is context. Is the person suddenly more confident in situations they normally aren’t, particularly in risky or dangerous scenarios? Does this confidence lead to impulse decisions, or is it coupled with the optimism that no matter how it looks, it will work out just fine? These could be indicators of a person who is not thinking clearly, and possibly riding the ‘high’ mood of bipolar disorder.

Poor Decision Making

poor decision making

Most people try to make good decisions as often as possible, but on one occasion or another, we’ve all made an absolutely terrible decision. It happens. However, habitual poor decision making can be a result of a manic phase of bipolar disorder. This is due in part to racing thoughts and the inability to think objectively about decisions and the consequences that they bring. If you find that you normally make good decisions, but sometimes have brief stretches of time where you make questionable or even obviously poor choices in retrospect, it may be worth it to seek professional help.


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