2. You Could Get Pneumonia


According to research published in Nature, the bad bacteria which can grow due to poor dental hygiene can contribute to a higher incidence of pneumonia. This bacteria can be inhaled into the lungs or cause inflammation, either creating or making it more difficult to recover from pneumonia.

1. It May Result in Pregnancy Complications

Experiencing Pregnancy

Dental health is an essential part of adequate prenatal care. The bodily changes that a woman experiences during pregnancy makes her more prone to developing cavities and gum inflammation; therefore, regular and consistent tooth brushing is vital. Routine dental care helps prevent pregnancy complications and helps set the stage for a healthy birth.

There’s a battle going on in your mouth, and the bad bacteria are constantly wanting to take over. They’re a hardy and smart bunch, and they don’t give up easily. Think of your toothbrush and floss as your weapons to help keep them in check. Missing one tooth brushing session is like losing a battle, and too many battles lost can mean losing the entire oral health war. Just a few minutes, twice a day, is a win for the right team — your health.


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