13. Engage in Low Impact Exercise

Low Impact

While nagging back pain may seem like a good excuse to stay off your feet; low impact exercise actually reduces back pain. Walking, swimming, bicycling, and yoga are good ways to keep your body moving, build up your muscles, and release some feel-good endorphins that will help alleviate your back pain.

12. Maintain a Healthy Weight

Weight Loss

Carrying around those extra pounds affects more than just your morale. If you’ve packed on some extra pounds, your back muscles are working harder to carry out your daily tasks. The extra strain on your backbone can also cause a misalignment of your vertebral column, causing you extra pain. Aim for a body mass index (BMI) of 18.5-24.9 to decrease the stress on your back.

11. Use Proper Lifting Techniques


We’ve all been told, “Lift with your legs, not your back.” To implement this, always stand feet apart, close to the object you are going to lift. Bend at your knees, not at your waist, to grasp the object. Straighten your knees slowly, tightening your stomach muscles, while holding the object close to your body.



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