11. Is it dangerous to spend a lot of time with people?

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There are not any set lengths of time that increase your risk, but common sense indicates that the more time you spend with someone the greater the risk. If you are wondering how long you can interact with people, then consider these situations:

  • Spending an extended amount of time with people increases your risk.
  • You might unknowingly be an asymptomatic carrier, so if you spend time with people then you have unknowingly put them at risk.

10. Is there community spread in my area?

Community Spread

Stay up to date to learn if there is community spread in your area. You can start by looking at your state’s reports, which are usually maintained by the states’ health departments. You can also seek out community resources to get more COVID-19 information. Some areas release the information of confirmed cases in each zip code

9. How do I discover the local orders in my area?

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You will want to check the updates posted on your local health department’s website so you can learn about your community and the virus risks. They also usually post local orders for individual communities.

If you are curious about school closures, then look at the various school websites or call to find out the status. Sometimes schools will also send out newsletters via mail or online with updates.

Business reopenings are often not widely publicized, but you can call the individual businesses or look at their social media sites to gather more information. As various states announce reopening the rules might change, such as some businesses might only be allowed to operate at reduced capacity.



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