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You may know the steps to a longer, and healthier life involve eating right, exercising, and getting enough sleep. However, getting on track to a healthier lifestyle can seem daunting, especially if it seems a major overhaul is in order. Nevertheless, there are simple steps you can take to get on the path to healthier living, and most of these take only minutes out of your day. Don’t stress yourself out with a list of impossible dietary restrictions or an overwhelming exercise regime. Start with baby steps. Implement some of these tips for quick and easy ways to get you started on your best life and reap the rewards of a healthier lifestyle.

17. Start the Day with a Glass of Water

A Glass Of Water

A great way to kick start your day is to replenish your stores of water first thing in the morning. Your body is about 55-60% water, but after a full night of snoozing it can become dehydrated. Grab a glass of water before you begin your morning routine. Starting off with eight ounces of water replenishes your body’s stores and aids in digestion and metabolism. Add a slice of lemon for a flavor boost, and reap the additional benefits of vitamin C.

16. Sip a Cup of Coffee or Tea

A Cup Of Coffee

Now that you’ve rehydrated, feel free to indulge in that morning cup of joe. If you enjoy a morning cup of coffee, you will be happy to hear it may have several health benefits. The Mayo Clinic reports that some studies suggest that one cup of coffee each day may help prevent Parkinson’s disease, type 2 diabetes, and liver disease. If coffee isn’t your preference, tea provides health benefits of its own. Herbal teas like green or black tea contain antioxidants that may protect your heart and improve cholesterol levels.



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