Salt Water Flush

Hop on the internet and you may see many articles and blog posts touting the benefits of a salt water flush. A salt water flush involves drinking a certain amount of salt dissolved in water to flush out the bowels. This means those using the cleanse program will spend a good part of the day in the bathroom as the contents of their bowels are expelled. Additionally, some claim a salt water flush will help with constipation while cleansing the colon. Read on to find out if this practice is safe or necessary, and to learn of alternatives for maintaining healthy bowels.

9. What Is a Salt Water Flush?

Salt Water

Salt water flush recipes generally call for dissolving two teaspoons of salt in a liter of water. Upon awakening, and on an empty stomach, those doing the flush will drink the full amount of this concoction in about five minutes. Then, the majority of the day is spent in the bathroom emptying the colon. In addition to repeated bowel movements as the colon is emptied, users may experience stomach cramping, nausea, and vomiting.

8. Why Do Some Choose to Use a Salt Water Flush?

Salt Water Flush

Some people feel a salt water flush is a remedy for treating constipation. Others believe in the benefit of “detoxing”, or clearing the bowel of toxins. These individuals suppose that salt water will draw toxic substances from the colon and expel them from the body. Still others believe that completely emptying their bowels may help them lose weight. Personal testimonies about the use of this cleanse have popped up on the internet. However, there is a lack of medical research to determine the safety and effectiveness of this practice.


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