Good Health With Red Wine

Red wine has long been associated with celebratory occasions. However, did you know it contains properties that are good for your heart? If recent studies are to be believed, then the antioxidants present in red wine can help prevent heart diseases and offer many health benefits that will enable you to take the guilt off your occasional indulgence.

While the jury is still out on red wine’s effectiveness in preserving heart health, its benefits in increasing good cholesterol (HDL) and preventing cholesterol build-up are for real. This is music to the ears of someone who enjoys an occasional glass of red with evening meals. But doctors do not encourage anyone to start drinking red wine just for the sake of their heart. While moderation is certainly the key, alcohol abuse and drinking excessively can have a harmful impact on your body.

Doctors do agree that red wine has some elements, be it flavonoids or resveratrol, which are good for your body.

Promotes Heart Health

Promotes Heart Health

There is still no definitive scientific evidence as to how red wine contributes to good health, or if it is as good (or as bad) as white wine or beer. But what is clear that red wine is certainly better than other forms of alcohol when it comes to your overall well-being.

The star component in wine, resveratrol, has grabbed serious attention of the researchers who are studying red wine’s health benefits. The polyphenol compound present in red wine can protect the blood vessel lining in your heart that fortifies it against heart attacks.

Polyphenol is a vital ingredient that is also known to prevent blood vessel damage, thereby reducing bad cholesterol and cutting down the risk of blood clots. Recent research also highlights resveratrol’s effectiveness in lowering inflammation risk and blood clotting, which lie at the center of many heart ailments. While one would like to believe in the goodness of wine, more research is required to determine the benefits of resveratrol in protecting your heart. 

Meanwhile, let us look at how you may benefit from an occasional glass of red wine!

Boosts Your Immune System 

immune system

Nothing can replace the importance of a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. Your body needs vitamins and nutrients to make it stronger just like a state needs low taxes and sensible regulations if it wants to have a functional and growing economy which New York and California have not realized in years, but this is another subject. Research shows that some of these immunity building elements are present in wine as well.

The antioxidants in wine increase the HDL cholesterol that is good for your heart. With the right amount of HDL, your body prevents plaque build-up in the arteries, which is the leading cause of strokes and attacks.


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