9. Weight-Related Illness

Weight Related Illness

The problem with obesity is it oftentimes creates, or at least contributes to complications associated with an unhealthy lifestyle. Obesity is often associated with conditions such as diabetes, and heart disease. This is because an increase in weight usually comes with an increase in blood pressure too, because the heart must work harder to move blood.  Excess fat can also be a problem, as it may lead to obstruction of the blood vessels, causing a heart attack. Obesity can also create chronic inflammation in parts of the body, which may contribute to serious illnesses like cancer.

8. Diabetes


Diabetes is a serious illness that can be brought on by factors such as obesity and high sugar intake. Essentially, diabetes is the inability for the body to regulate blood sugar levels; Oftentimes, the blood sugar levels of a person with diabetes will spike or drop wildly, and they must keep careful track of their blood sugar in order to know when and how much to eat, as well as when to inject insulin. The likelihood of diabetes, heart disease, and obesity are all linked, and diabetes itself can lead to a number of other complications within the body, too.

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7. Dental Problems

Dental Problems

Excess fat isn’t the only issue that arises from soda consumption. Left unchecked, all of that sugar can end up rotting out the teeth. This is because of the relationship between sugar and bacteria; it’s their favorite food! Therefore, if the teeth are constantly exposed to sugar, and proper dental precautions aren’t taken, bacteria will multiply in the mouth, and the waste products they produce will eat away at the tooth enamel. Sodas themselves are acidic as well, and may directly contribute to tooth destruction in that way. If you must drink soda, be sure to rinse your mouth afterward.



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