3. Benzene Intake

Benzene Intake

Benzene is a substance that can be found in sodas, particularly diet ones. Because of regulations by the FDA, there are limits to how much benzene is allowed in certain beverages, including tap water and sodas. Unfortunately, it was uncovered during testing that a significant portion of diet sodas had higher levels of benzene than the standard allowed. Benzene can form from benzoic acid, originally used as a preservative, in soda; this is problematic because benzene is a carcinogen, meaning that it could potentially contribute to cancer. In summation, significant levels of a cancer-causing molecule might be in your soda.

2. Dehydration

In addition to sugar, significant levels of caffeine are present in sodas. Caffeine is classified as a diuretic, which means it causes one to urinate more often. Because urine is composed primarily of water, frequent bathroom breaks can lead to dehydration. This is especially bad, considering the excess sugar also present in soft drinks, which the kidneys must then filter; the kidneys, and all organs do a much better job when they are hydrated. Without water, the soda will have an even more damaging effect on the body, contributing greatly to the aforementioned complications. You’re better off drinking water.

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1. Diet Soda Solution?

Diet Soda Solution

Reading all this, you might be tempted to simply sub in diet sodas instead of regular ones. However, diet soft drinks are just as bad, if not worse than regular soft drinks.  In fact, in a study, it was found that all of the negative health effects of metabolic syndrome associated with soft drinks, such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, etc. were more prevalent in conjunction with diet sodas over regular ones. Similar results were found when testing the role of diet sodas in the development of vascular issues; once again, diet sodas caused more harm than regular soft drinks.

Because of their high sugar and caffeine content, along with the ease and affordability of them, soft drinks, both diet, and regular versions, are something of a health concern. While some aspects of their danger are unfounded, and others need more research, there are other still, especially factoring in the frequency of consumption, that point to very real, significant health complications. Drinking more water instead of soft drinks is the solution; water will not only hydrate the body, making it easier to filter waste, it will also put in less waste that needs to then be filtered out later on.



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