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Wearing a face mask to control the spread of COVID-19 has become a hot topic in the United States, with the nation divided. Whether or not to wear a mask is more of a political debate than a health topic for many. Sadly, the miscommunication that has taken place in the U.S. hasn’t helped much. Back in February, in an effort to ensure that healthcare professionals had a sufficient supply of N95 masks and personal protection equipment, the CDC advised the general public against wearing face masks, but now things have changed.

10. The CDC and Face Masks

Not Wearing Face Mask

As cases of COVID-19 started to increase in the United States and governors started to order lockdowns and issue shelter-in-place orders, the CDC announced that people should start to wear face masks in an effort to slow the spread of the virus. Sadly, because their initial stance against face masks had been widely publicized at the start of the pandemic, many people refused to listen to the CDC’s advice on wearing face masks. Even President Trump and Vice President Pence refused to don facial coverings in support of the CDC and the World Health Organization’s stance on masks.

9. Face Masks to Control COVID-19

Surgical Mask

At the start of June, the fatality rate in the USA from COVID-19 stood at over 100,000 deaths. That number has been steadily increasing and many states are experiencing record daily infection rate numbers. On June 18, Florida reported over 3500 cases, Texas experienced over 5000 cases, and Arizona over 2000. The spike in numbers is causally related to the states opening back up and returning to business as usual. However, the increased numbers have sent government officials scrambling to control the spread by mandating face masks in many regions.



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