8. Mandatory Face Masks

Many large cities are stepping to the plate with face mask mandates. New York and Los Angeles paved the way by requiring that any time someone goes outside they must wear a face mask. In Florida, Orange County (Orlando region), Pinellas County, and Tampa Bay have issued face mask mandates that take effect June 19 to slow the spread of the virus. Other cities and counties are suggesting that residents of the area wear a face mask when they cannot maintain a social distance of six feet or more.

7. Should Everyone Wear a Face Mask?

No Sew Mask

Many people argue that they do not feel sick, so why do they have to wear a face mask? The World Health Organization (WHO) suggests that as many as 80 percent of people who contract COVID-19 are asymptomatic carriers or develop only mild symptoms, and many individuals may not even know they are sick. This is especially true for younger individuals and children, who often contract the virus and exhibit no symptoms but can easily spread it to vulnerable individuals in the population.

6. Not Wearing a Face Mask Increases the Risk of Contracting COVID-19

Dont Shake Hands

A recent study led by a professor at the Texas A&M University found that not wearing a face mask significantly increases your risk of contracting COVID-19. The research team examined how COVID-19 spreads from person to person. They used mitigation research from New York City, China, and Italy. Interestingly they found that the numbers of infection were significantly reduced when people wore face masks. Airborne transmission through respiratory aerosols remains the number one way that COVID-19 is spread. Wearing a face mask in public helps reduce the risk of transmission significantly.

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