Through President Trump’s physician, we have recently learned that Donald Trump takes a drug called Finasteride (Propecia,) which is known for fighting male pattern baldness. Though it doesn’t seem like it’s truly working as intended, he continues to take it. Unfortunately for the Donald, finasteride has a few potential side effects.

As it turns out that much like President Trump’s many businesses, the company that markets and promotes the drug have racked up a staggering amount of lawsuits. To be more specific, they have had around 1,370 lawsuits filed against them. One of these class-action lawsuits accuses the company, Merck, of being responsible for causing negative sexual side effects for their patients.

Under Merck, finasteride is being sold under the name “Propecia”, which is a one milligram variant of the drug. Also available on the market are “Proscar”, which is the five-milligram variant, and “Avodart”. These drugs work by blocking testosterone from converting to dihydrotestosterone, testosterone’s more potent form. They are usually sold to men with enlarged prostates and have been sold to over one million American men since it hit the market.  Men seek this drug so they can feel like their older selves, full of testosterone and energy, but rarely realize that what they are taking can come with severe consequences.

The side effects of finasteride are so well known in the pharmaceutical world that there is even a name for them: post-finasteride syndrome. Post-finasteride syndrome can include may side effects that are sexual, physical, or physiological. Of these types of side effects, sexual changes are the ones that are the most often reported. In fact, it happens so much that recently the FDA pressured Propecia and Proscar manufacturers to warn consumers of possible libido disorders, ejaculation disorders, and orgasm disorders that could persist even after discontinuation of the drug.


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