You’re Craving Carbs and Junk Food

junk food

Another reason you might be gaining weight is because sleep deprivation could be affecting what you want to eat. In particular, lack of sleep could lead to craving sweets and other carbs. Poor sleep can lead to junk food cravings because it disrupts the endocannabinoid system — a system throughout the body that helps regulate (among other things) our appetite. If you seem to have the munchies for no other reason — especially right when you wake up — you’re probably not getting enough quality sleep.

You’re Drinking More Caffeine


This one is pretty obvious. If you’re drinking more caffeine for energy or to stay functioning throughout the day, you probably need more or better sleep. However, if you’re drinking more caffeine to stay awake, you’re causing yourself even bigger sleep challenges. All that caffeine in your system will make it harder to get the sleep you truly need. If you can start drinking a little less caffeine per day over the next week or two, you might see your sleep patterns gradually improve from that change alone.

You Don’t Feel Well in the Morning


Someone who suffers poor sleep night after night is going to struggle with mornings, even with extra caffeine. Sometimes this brings on troubling symptoms beyond low energy. If you regularly wake up with symptoms like a sore throat or heartburn, those are clues to what could be causing low-quality sleep. You might have sleep apnea. You might suffer from acid reflux, especially if you eat within a couple of hours before bed. Getting support for those issues might bring you the sweet relief and the full night’s sleep you need to feel better in the mornings.



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