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Why is social distancing such a hot topic right now? Experts claim it’s the only way we can slow the spread of COVID-19 and not overrun the medical system. We’ve been told to follow the 6-foot rule and wear a mask in public, but these measures won’t matter if you’re making other simple mistakes. Experts warn you may have a higher risk of catching coronavirus if you’re falling victim to any of the following social distancing mistakes.

1. Playdates Are Still a Thing

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Dimitar Marinov, MD, Ph.D., warns, “Some parents let their children go out and play with others because ‘only elderly are at risk’. In reality, children have the same risk of getting infected. However, they are much more often asymptomatic. They can still spread the infection, which puts everyone else at risk, and especially their grandparents if they live together or get in close contact.” Finding ways your children can interact with friends virtually is a much safer option.

2. You Don’t Think You’ll Catch It


Thinking you’re immune to the virus isn’t going to work. Unfortunately, anyone can contract coronavirus because currently there is no vaccine. Physician Dimitar Marinov, MD, claims, “Young people think that social distancing is just for the elderly, and they can’t have severe symptoms. In reality, around 40% of the patients that required hospitalization were between 20 and 54 years old, according to the CDC.”


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