3. You’re Heading to the Local Park


Psychiatrist Jared Heathman says, “While it may not seem obvious, social distancing includes avoiding areas in which others have recently touched or been. People should avoid playgrounds even if no one else is there, because the virus may live on inanimate objects for days.” It’s important to know that the virus can stay alive on surfaces for up to five days after contamination.

4. You’re Exercising Too Close To Others


Exercise is a great way to spend time right now and stay healthy; however, it needs to be done safely. Heathman says, “People should not walk or exercise behind other people. The wind may blow the virus backward, and you can become exposed that way, despite being more than 10 feet behind someone else.”

5. You’re Wearing Your Mask Wrong

No Sew Mask

It is recommended by the CDC to cover your face with a mask in public. “People don’t wear a mask and, when they do, they don’t take it off correctly. It’s a mistake to take off their mask from the front and then touch the ‘contaminated’ area.” says Dr. Greg Jacobson, MD. He recommends in order to remove a mask safely, “Wash your hands (with soap and hot water for 20 seconds), remove the mask from loops, and put it in a safe place and then wash your hands again.”

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