6. You’re Not Staying 6 Feet Apart

Keep Your Distance

“It all comes down to following the guidelines: six feet apart from another individual,” says New York physician Anthony Jones, MD. For example, he says you should avoid, “sitting next to each other while eating lunch at work.”

What’s the reasoning behind the 6-foot rule? Physician Omiete Charles-Davies asserts, “Droplets that contain the virus can still land on your clothing, phone or other personal items if you come too close to an infected person.”

7. You’re Shopping Too Frequently

Shop Alone (2)

The days of running to the store for one item are over, as it’s important to reduce the number of times you’re in public. Jacobson says, “People don’t make a list, so they have to go back to the store too often.” Creating a list and overall meal plan will help you make fewer trips.

8. Your Eyes Are Exposed

Rubbing Your Eyes

Your eyes are just as susceptible to the virus as your mouth. Jacobson argues, ”People really should wear eye protection as well, if they are heading into a grocery store. Wear some glasses to remind yourself to not rub your eyes.”

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9. You’re Not Wearing Gloves Correctly

Removing Gloves

Gloves are just as likely as hands to carrying the coronavirus. Dr. Mike DeCubellis, who practices chiropractic care in Illinois, says, “Gloves do not resist the virus. And when your gloves have touched store shelves, shipped boxes, and your car, then your face or your food, you just potentially contaminated yourself with your gloves!” After being in public, the best practice is to discard used gloves prior to returning to your vehicle or home.

10. You’re Inviting People into Your Home


Allowing people into your home is like hosting a party with every person they’ve come into contact with. Leann Poston, MD, a physician at Invigor Medical, says, “Viruses need to move from person to person to stay alive. Social distancing makes it difficult for viruses to move, thus the saying if you don’t move, then neither can the virus.”

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