Coronavirus Myths

There are many tips to stay safe during the Coronavirus pandemic. Washing one’s hands with soap and water and limiting contact with others (social distancing) is STILL the best way to say safe, healthy and not spread the virus to others. But this a lot of misinformation about the virus itself.

To help you stay informed, the World Health Organization (WHO) and other organizations are debunking myths about the COVID-29.

1. There is a Vaccine


There is no vaccine for the coronavirus available at the present time. Accord to John Hopkins Medicine “There is no vaccine for the new coronavirus. Scientists have begun working on one, but developing a vaccine that is safe and effective in human beings will take many months.”

2. Ordering products from China can make you sick

Made In China

COVID-19 is spread through liquid droplets. The Coronavirus can survive and remain infectious in airborne droplets for up to 3 hours. The coronavirus can be traced only up to 24 hours on porous surfaces such as cardboard. You will not likely get the virus that was in transit for days or weeks. So the good news, no need to change your online shopping spree habits!



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