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Since the novel coronavirus pandemic began, most people have been disinfecting more surfaces than ever before. Yet how many of us are certain our disinfectants are killing the COVID-19 virus? In July 2020, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced there are at least two surface disinfectants proven to get the job done.

5. Which Two Disinfectants Proved Themselves Deadly for Coronavirus?

Lysol Was For Feminine Hygiene

According to the EPA, two products we can depend on to kill the coronavirus on surfaces are Lysol disinfectant spray, and the related product Lysol Disinfectant Max Cover Mist. Each product’s testing results are EPA-reviewed and proven to kill SARS-CoV-2 on surfaces.

It’s important to note that these two surface disinfectants are only the first ones to be proven by the EPA as effective against COVID-19. More products are likely soon to follow as the EPA works their way through the more than 400 products on their “List N” of companies hoping for the same proven results with coronavirus.

4. How Does a Disinfectant Product Get on the EPA’s List of Candidates?

Environmental Protection Agency

The EPA’s “List N” is a list of manufacturers who have provided testing data regarding their products’ abilities to kill what the EPA calls “emerging viral pathogens.”

The EPA provides these manufacturers with a list of guidelines for submitting their data for review. As the link above states, the guidelines serve as “general guidance to registrants that can be used to identify effective disinfectant products for use against emerging viral pathogens and to permit registrants to make limited claims of their product’s efficacy against such pathogens.”


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